Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is it wrong?

The following are a few things that have been running through my head the past few days....

Is it wrong ....
that I have grading to do and refuse to do it because I'm on spring break?
that I need to be lesson planning but once again refuse because I'm on spring break?
apparently think i'm e.e. cummings because i hate using capital letters (and i'm an english teacher)
that i know i don't need anything but i still love shopping
that i love being home being spoiled by my parents
that i didn't enjoy spring awakening and i'm not sure if it was my sore ear or the musical itself
that i spend hours on facebook instead of being productive
that i really want my mom to give me one of her rings for my engagement ring
that i still sometimes live paycheck to paycheck due to stupid mistakes in the past
that i wish my nanny was here to see how happy i am, and to meet david
that i love my job and some of my friends are about to lose theirs
that i like some of my friends more than others
that i want more than anything to lose weight but don't know where or how to start
that i can't watch the show hoarders because it makes me feel like one
that i'm not perfect and am okay with that
that i allow david to cook instead of me
that i love doing laundry but not putting it away
that i wish tucker walked himself
that i never get everything done i want
that i sometimes feel like such a negative nancy and am okay with it
that i'm not always a nice person and once again okay with it
that people with no manners irk me
that people who think they have manners and are southern irk me even more
that people who think they are going to be in my wedding (which isn't soon but i'm just saying) aren't
that it bothers me when people say the word jew instead of jewish
that work is fun
that i took twenty items to the alterations lady and am scared to pick it up due to the bill
that i hate small talk
i mean really hate it

that's all for now...

i am off to greenwood, south carolina tomorrow for my yearly visit to their gamma phi chapter. i love the girls there and can't wait to see them and meet some of the new ones, but i hate the drive down there. it's 45 minutes away from my parents house and it's the LONGEST road ever due to the fact that you want to speed but you can't because you go through random small south carolina towns. oh the joy! which means i need to make some awesome cds since i lost my ipod and sing super loud on the way down there. if my phone accidently calls you (it has a short in it somewhere and of course i haven't had time to get it fixed) i'm apologizing now.


The Pettijohn's said...

best post yet.

i hope you are talking about me in one, and not in another.

are you taking your alterations that that awesome lady in norman? if so, i need to go.

come home.

Rachel said...

1) I hope I'm on the list of friends you like better than others
2) There is nothing wrong with Jew.... Jewish seems that you are just kind of a Jew. I'm just saying. :)
3) Mean girls are awesome.

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