Friday, March 19, 2010


picture this.. i'm driving my mom's cute little convertable today, top down, beautiful 74 degrees. i then call the boyfriend to see how things are going in oklahoma only to find out that it's 58 and we're supposed to get a blizzard tonight! i am so not getting on that plane sunday morning! i can't leave this beautiful south carolina weather for yucky cold weather. i even announced it at synagogue tonight that i wasn't going back because it was too cold there. speaking of synagogue i love it! i haven't connected in oklahoma yet but i love coming home and going with my parents. i love our rabbi, i love the prayers, i love shabbat, i love it all!!

tomorrow we're going shopping at the big time outlets with my mama so hopefully i can get some new clothes. i love coming home to visit. he he!

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