Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Confessions part 1

Glee makes me smile!

I wish I could sing, I've always wanted to be on Broadway but have NEVER been a singer or an actor.

I don't usually hold grudges but I finally let go of one after six years and it feels good.

The grudge didn't mean anything important but it still feels good to let it go.

I love Tucker (my puppy) but sometimes I wonder if he'd be better with another family.

I am super flaky and I hate that!

I haven't been sleeping well lately and I don't know why.

I am getting nervous about whether or not I'll actually have a job next year.

I love my job and think that I'm a pretty good teacher.

I wish there was a real easy button so I could push it and have my apartment packed and ready to go.

I worry about money quite frequently.

I worry about quite a few things.

I miss my grandmother so much even though I know she's in a much better place but I wish she had gotten to meet David.

I wish everyone got along but I know that will never happen.

I love being a nerd but sometimes wonder people really think of me.

I wanted to correct a random strangers grammar but I still stink at it myself so I didn't.

I don't have a bucket list.

I don't believe in regrets or what if's.

I never thought I'd get married before 32.

I can't wait to move in with Daibid but am scared about sharing a place with a boy.

I hate outside smell!

1 comment:

Tyson said...

I have to say: the reasons you aren't sleeping well, are clearly outlined in about the next 10 comments. :)

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