Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things I am not...

I am not a good blogger
I am not a lover of mornings
I am not caught up on anything in my life
I am not organized at school (and it's driving me nuts)
I am not organized at home (and it's driving David nuts)
I am not home before 6 most nights
I am not a quitter
I am not a nice person if you anger me
I am not a petty person
I am not a fan of drama (but I do LOVE to say baby mama drama for no reason)
I am not a serious person
I am not a saint
I am not a fan of being told no
I am not a fan of not getting my way
I am not a fan of petty people
I am not a fan of rude people

I haven't been able to blog lately for various reasons the biggest being time which I have been lacking a great deal of! The other being I haven't been in a good mental place lately and I didn't think it was fair for my 12 readers to have to read some negative nelly posts so I decided to refrain but then I remembered part of the reason I blog is to share my feelings.  I am happy to have readers, but I am happy to have a place to vent my frustrations from the hour,day,week, month or whatever!  With all that being said I am back with a vengence.  I have finally gotten my much needed school supplies for my classroom, along with being less scared of volleyball coaching and am slowly learning to juggle my crazy life.  I will be back tomorrow to share the things that I am. 

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