Sunday, January 23, 2011


I am going to begin this post with my life story, ready? I was born in small town Oklahoma where I lived until I was 10 and then we moved to Atlanta, Georgia where I lived until I was 16 and we moved to Greenville, South Carolina for two years of high school.  I left Greenville for 7 years in Norman only to move back to Greenville so that I could go figure out my life.  I did figure out my life by attending and graduating from Clemson University's Masters program but I had few friends there, I was content and ready to be a loner until I found a job in Oklahoma and here I am!  With all those moves I have managed to collect friends here and there not to mention every summer spent at camp in Wisconsin, so I have friends almost everywhere.  I have been thinking about the friends that I want to keep making the effort with and those that I want to cut out of my life.  I feel bad about that but it's very difficult to feel like you are doing all the work, or even you are being ignored because their life is too busy (I hate being ignored.) I understand we are all becoming grown ups so with that comes some tough decisions.  Hopsy at Kappa Prep just wrote a similiar post and I want to share it because I like her ideas 3 AM friends . Do you think this is too harsh? What would you do?

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