Monday, January 2, 2012

hi i'm alive!

i must first say i'm sorry for my lack of posting but i've been on vacation and most teacher's know that vacation means we run all those errands that we can't run during the year, we make all those appointments we can't make during the school day, etc.  not to mention i decided to declutter my life at home and well i have a lot of crap.  yes there i said it crap!  i have been on break since december 9th but i taught three days of intersession and then my mother came to visit for a week.  it was great having her!  i then took a personal day and caught up on my dvr and the next thing i knew i'm going back to work in two days.  i have enjoyed this long break but i think i would have enjoyed it more if i had been a tad more productive.  i was very productive but i know i could have done more.  i also got sick which never makes anything fun.  i just wanted to let yall know where i have been and also that my blog will be undergoing a makeover so get excited!!!


Kristen Bowers said...

Just wanted to pop in to say thank you for joining the Secondary Solutions Blog Party! Hope you have a fabulous 2012!

-Kristen Bowers
Secondary Solutions

Caught in the Middle said...

I recently found your blog and wanted to pass along the Versatile Blogger Award to you!

Come over to my blog (Caught in the Middle) to accept your award!


Sarah said...

I usually read your blog through my Google reader, when I pulled it up today I saw how beautiful it is! I LOVE your new design!!!

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