Sunday, January 22, 2012

i need guidance please!

have any of you heard of the america's choice program?  if not google it because that is what i teach and while i enjoy it most of the time shockingly it's not perfect.  i am teaching two classes that are ninety minutes and one that is forty-five minutes.  i love having ninety minutes to teach!  i love knowing that if my kids want to read more of their independent reading book i can add ten minutes to that lesson.  i have also found that my students are starting to enjoy reading more which as a total book worm makes me happy!  tomorrow we start unit two and it is about the civil rights movement.  i love this unit except for the following:
   my students don't learn about the civil war, civil rights, etc until high school - i teach 7th grade!
    most of my student's don't have the background knowledge needed for this unit.
     most of my students are hispanic and can't seem to connect with this unit.

here's where i need the guidance.  how do i get them to connect with this unit?

i am also teaching my on grade level class (the forty-five minute one) about Virginia Hamilton and well see aboves' issues.  Not to mention they are supposed to read in groups, and alone and well that's a cluster at it's best.  the students have eight weeks to finish various virginia hamilton books that can't leave my class.  how is that going to work?

any ideas?

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