Sunday, February 19, 2012

how many hats do you wear?

i have been teaching for the past three years and in these past three years i have learned some amazing things.  i have also met some amazing people.  while teaching these past few years i have worn various different hats. what kind of hats you ask?  i am the head volleyball coach (rule #1 is don't hit me with the ball!), assistant softball coach, english department head, remedial english teacher and on grade level english teacher, building leadership committee member, vice president of facality advisory comittee (drafted not volunteered!), yearbook advisor, and those are just the ones that are ongoing.  my school is understaffed, underfunded, and underappreciated by the district.  we are supposed to close in a few years to become an elementary school due to the MAPS project (which stinks!) and it upsets me.  i teach some of the greatest kids ever and we are one of the few schools not overcrowded.  this is not a woe is me post this is just a how many hats do you wear post?  what are you actively involved in at school? do you wish you could do more or less? sometimes i feel like i don't get to see my husband (and we haven't even been married a year yet) but he gets that my job right now is very taxing.  i love him for that understanding.  :) 


A Teacher's Treasure said...

Are you insane?!?! How do you keep up?!?! haha.
I used to be involved but it wasn't appreciated {not by the kids or admin.} so I stopped it was giving me more grief than pleasure.

Hope you have a great weekend!

❤ Mor Zrihen from...
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Kim said...

Hi Mrs. B:
I have been at the same school for almost 30 years, so it is almost like home.
This year I am Student Council advisor, School Site Council co-chair, sixth grade team leader, and PTA membership chair. I tutor after school and do morning duty. I have 34 sixth graders... with 5 students with IEPs and 8 students in ELD (with several more who are waiting to move out of ELD instruction.)

Most days I LOVE my job. Like you, I think most teachers have an exhaustive list of "other hats." It is always a matter of balance and it is important to see when the struggles outweigh the benefits. When I start to see that school time is taking a toll on home time, I know I need to readjust.

I spent a million hours at school when I first started teaching. It has leveled off (a bit!) with experience, but I am usually inclined to say yes when they need help.

I'm glad you are doing so many things for your school. How fortunate they are to have you. Remember to save some time for YOU!

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