Friday, February 10, 2012

top 10 things i have learned this week....

i love top ten lists! when "passing notes" in high school we used to make top tens for tons of silly reasons so i have decided to bring it back.  i am hoping to make this a regular post for my fridays.  we shall see! i always have the best of intentions but then life gets in the way. ha ha!

top 10 things i have learned this week..
10.  i have taught quite a few siblings and i've only been teaching 3 years.
 9. just because you are a teacher doesn't mean you know everything.
 8. showing your students that you can't do everything doesn't mean you are weak.
 7.  going to school with an ear infection and sinus infection makes for one cranky    
 6. if you talk to another male teacher in the building you are automatically dating according to your students.  (no matter that you are married)
 5.  i truly love my job.
 4. opening my pay check is depressing.
 3. having those students that you can rely on makes all the difference in the world.
 2. teachers are people too.
 1. please and thank you are two of the most important words in the english

What are some of the things you have learned this week?      

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Katie said...

Opening your pay check is quite depressing, especially when you only get paid once a month! So grateful I can live at home this year because I do not think I could do it otherwise!

Love the new look! Added your new button to my teaching blog too!

Miss Klohn
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